Carla & Octavio performing in Delaware during their 2018 residency at the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School.

Carla Marano & Octavio Fernandez

Carla Marano belongs to a generation of dancers that helped transform tango from a popular dance form with virtually no pedagogy, into a highly-sophisticated, deeply-understood art form. This was accomplished through many years of penetrating investigation into its movement technique, technical language and musical interpretation. Carla was an essential part of this investigative process, which has fueled the evolution of the dance, and its explosive popularity worldwide.

Over the years, Carla has devised her own didactic method based on her unique approach to the dance, a system which she has been able to share with colleagues from different generations and styles. She gave courses in different academic institutions, organizations and special events in Buenos Aires, such as La Viruta, CITA, and Festivals of the City Government of Buenos Aires, among others. Since 2013 she has run the popular investigation space ‘La Propuesta’ with Octavio Fernandez in La Viruta and El Juvenil. Starting in 2019, she resides in New York City, while continuing to teach in Buenos Aires, and throughout the US and Europe.

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Octavio Fernandez’s passion for tango started when he was a teenager, inside a family atmosphere where Tango, Folklore and Rock 'n Roll were an everyday occurrence. Rodolfo Dinzel and Mauricio Seifert guided his first years of Tango.

In 2007, with his partner Carla Espinoza, Octavio achieved 3rd place at the "World Tango Salon Championship". That same year, he started working as a professional dancer at "Sensaciones de Tango", the Tango Show of the famous Cafe Tortoni of Bs. As., where he is still an active member of the artist staff. In the year of 2009 he was called, together with Corina Herrera, to join "Tango X2", the renowned company of Miguel Angel Zotto, performing a Show at the International Festival “LatinoAmericando” in Milan, Italy.

As a teacher and dancer he has been asked to participate in various festivals around the world: “Tango en Punta”(Uruguay), “Santiago Maraton”(Chile), “Campeonato Mundial de Tango” as a Jury(Colombia), “Edinburgh Tango Festival”(Scotland), “Ankara Tango Carnaval”(Turkey), “Tango Malevaje”(Denmark), “Soul Tango Festival”(Korea), “Roma Tango Festival""Zucca Tango Festival"Rosso Tango Festival"Apulia Tango Festival”(Italy), among others. He has participated at the shooting of the Argentinian film, “Fermin, Glorias de Tango” and at musical video clip, of the italian rock band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, for his song "La faccia della Luna".

His passion and interest for Tango music, led him to be one of the most recognised Djs of the moment. For the last 6 years he co-organised "El Yeite Tango Club", one of the best and most well-attended milongas in Buenos Aires. He is also responsible, together with Lucas Molina Gazcon, Andres Molina and Martin Bel, for the "Yeite Tango Festival", where teachers, dancers and musicians are called for an entire weekend of tango activities for the public.

Elegant, but full of freshness, his dance was created thanks to hours and hours of dancing in the milongas porteñas. The influence of great contemporary tango masters and dancers, as well as the essence of the old “Milongueros” are embodied in every step he takes on a dance floor.

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