Gustavo Rember

Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the sixties. As a kid, he used to listen to tango tunes and watch the only tango TV show on air in those days with his father. As he grew up, it was not him but his sister who started dancing tango professionally. Gustavo was more connected with rock music as the lead singer in different bands from 1983 to 2006. At the same time, Gustavo became an Engineer and, later, Economics and Math Teacher at school and college.

One day, in 2003, he began taking tango dance classes and he never stopped. Helped by his early connection to tango plus his relationship with music in general, he quickly learned the fundamentals of the dance. The list of teachers from whom he took lessons, many times for long periods, is endless. Nevertheless, among them we can find Gabriela Elías (director and choreographer with M. Mores, L. Lamarque, J. Colángelo, and others), Horacio Godoy (La Viruta Tango Club), Elina Ruiz, Carlos Copello, Fabián Peralta, Natacha Poberaj, Carlos Pérez. From 2007, Cecilia García, Mariela Sametband, Moira Castellano, Alejandro Larenas, Marisol Morales. And last but not least, Mariano Chicho Frúmboli y Juana Sepúlveda (from 2007).

Gustavo is, perhaps, one of the few survivors who make a living doing something else, but achieve master commitment to the art of dancing tango. He is motivated by his desire to spread the word about a culture which continues to captivate people all over the world. He has been sharing his passion for tango by teaching and performing throughout Buenos Aires, the capital of tango, as well as in Europe.

Teaching Highlights
• Teacher at La Viruta Tango
• Tango workshop for kids and teens, with Cecilia Berra, Marina Marques y Sandra Lanfranchi
• Assistant and co-organizer at Misterio Tango Festival from 2009 al 2018 in Buenos Aires
• Workshops in Montevideo, with Gabriela Farías
• Tango Seminars, in Tucumán
• Milonga workshops, in Buenos Aires
• Guest teacher in Malmö y London
• Open classes at Milonga Pipetuá, Estudio 4030, and Estudio 2 Perfiles
• Guest teacher at Milonga La Mandrilera
• Regular clases at Nueva Escuela Argentina de Tango (2015-2016)
• Guest teacher at El Metejón, with Elina Ruiz

Performance Highlights (Buenos Aires)
• La Milonguita
• La Viruta
• Café Orión, Mar del Plata, con Guadalupe Santiago and Tango Negro.
• El Ceibo, Buenos Aires, with Pepa Palazón
• La Catedral, y Milonga Plaza Urquiza, en S. M. de Tucumán
• Maldita Milonga, junto con 2 Perfiles (marzo 2013)
• Milonga Pipetuá (diciembre 2013)
• Soho Tango Milonga
• Misterio Tango Festival
• Salón Canning
• Milonga Pipetuá
• Milonga Animal
• DNI Tango

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