• Philadelphia Tango Festival
Philadelphia Tango Festival

La Poesia del Abrazo

This was my favorite Philadelphia Tango Festival yet! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made it so extraordinary.

Thanks especially to…

🌟 Maestros
Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio
Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda
Ines Muzzopappa & Donato Juarez

🌷 Lecturers
Matias Mauricio
Ayano Yoneda

🎼 Musicians
Guido Iacopetti & Ezequiel Aguero (C’est Pico)
Emiliano Messiez - Horacio Romo - Pablo Agri
Juan Villarreal & Patricio Crom
Tipica Messiez (Emiliano Messiez, Pablo Lanouguere, Horacio Romo, Shinjoo Cho, Leandro Ragusa, Pablo Agri, Sergio Reyes, Sara Silva)

🎙️ Translators
Pablo Garcia Gomez
Daniela Santos

📀 DJs
Ayano Yoneda
Carla Marano
Felipe Martinez
Gabriel “El Huracan” Gaumond
Gustavo Rember
Jorge Fernandez
Kerry Kay
Mary Carmel Etienne

🍽️ Chefs:
Rukiya Jamison
Gino Luna

🔊 Sound:
Pro Audio
Frank Silva
Al Creedon

🏫 Venue & More
Lithuanian Music Hall
Vytas Maciunas
Bartenders & Staff of Lithuanian Music Hall
Nationwide Parking & Valet
Safe Day Services (Mike Andrus & Hank Collins)

👗 Vendors
Atelier Vertex (Rina Gendelman)
Mariposa Tango Salon (Alla Kotler)
Studio Aliz (Alice Mok)

🌿 Safer Spaces Team Leaders
Kate Donohue
Amy Yang
Gustavo Rueda

📝 Lead Staff
Andres Amarilla
Karen Johnson
Amy Yang
Ginny Cheng
Monica Moya
Mary Carmel Etienne
Phi Lee Lam

🧘🏻‍♀️ Yoga Teachers
Monica Moya
Carolyn Merritt

📷 Photos & Videos
Helio Ha
Dagny Miller
Hanna Augustynowicz
Ginny Cheng

📰 Media
ABC News (Tom Kretschmer)
NBC10 Telemundo 62 (Belen Smole)
La 2x4 (Claudio Peyrera & Luis Tarantino)

🎶 Composers of the new tango, “Richmond y Allegheny”
Audrey Rajoria
Irina Novak
Gerardo Razumney,
Ruth Hernandez Aravena
Christopher Kilkenny
Laura Freeman

🚩 Volunteers
Alden (Rock) Williams
Alicia Brodersohn
Ami Zemer
Angelica Jamatte
April Marinell
April Dunleavy
Ariela Knight
Bibhujit Bhowmik
Bob LePera
Burton Freeman
Charlotte Artis
Corinne Dieterle
Dan Dehner
Danielle Sclafani
Dawn Kane
Diane Shpiz
Elaine Yang
Elaine Chin
Elisabetta Ambron
Filippa DePaolo
Galatea Kurz
Galina Kapustin
Gerardo Razumney
Gloria Dell
Heather Ramsay
Helio Ha
Huaou Yan
Jeffrey Schneider
Jennine McKenna
JoAnn Stewart
John Caldwell
Julia Turovskiy
Kris Teng
Len Livits
Luis Junior Romero
Malcolm White
Maria Rausse
Michael Holcomb
Nina Matthews
Oubai Al Rifai
Pooja Kumar
Rochelle Banuet
Ross Alexander
Tiffany D. Trotter
Virginia Hedges
Will Shackelton
Fernando Mendez

🏡 Hosts
Sandra Eng
Eric Cho, Maria Park & Sebastian Cho
Becky Ichord
Ellen Wert
Helio Ha & Kelly Winter

🫑 Food Donors
The Fresh Works


There will most likely be a next Philadelphia Tango Festival from May 23-26, 2025. Stay tuned!

Festival participants collectively composed a tango, Richmond y Allegheny, which we’ll present and all sing together tonight!

Sheet Music

Pre-registration is now closed. If you’d still like to participate, please check out your options here. You can pay at the door by venmo, paypal, cash or credit card.

2715 E. Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134

The 12th Philadelphia Tango Festival will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 24 through Monday, May 27, 2024.

This year’s festival will explore the theme, La Poesia del Abrazo (The Poetry of the Tango Embrace). The premise of this festival is that, whether or not we speak Spanish, if we invest just a bit of time and effort to explore tango’s poetry, we can enormously enrich our experience of dancing and listening to tango. The festival draws together dancers, musicians, vocalists, poets / lectures, and DJs who will expertly guide us in this exploration. Read more about the theme.

It goes without saying that the festival still offers our usual full range of activities, from workshops, milongas and practicas, to concerts, lectures, social activities, yoga classes, and more! View the full schedule.

Festival Maestros
Rocio Lequio & Bruno Tombari (in the U.S. for the first time!)
Ines Muzzopappa & Donato Juarez
Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda
Read their bios

Matias Mauricio (in the U.S. for the first time!)
Ayano Yoneda
Read their bios

Live Music
Tipica Messiez (2 nights!)
Guido Iacopetti & Ezequiel Aguero
Juan Villarreal & Patricio Crom
Romo-Agri-Messiez Trio
Read ther bios

New Music
Since 2023, the Philadelphia Tango Festival produces a new album of tango music for tango social dancing each year. We are very pleased to be working with Sexteto Fantasma to produce an album which will be released & presented at the festival!
Read more

Ayano Yoneda
Carla Marano
Felipe Martinez
Gabriel “El Huracan” Gaumond
Gustavo Rember
Ignacio Ondartz
Jorge Fernandez
Kerry Kay
Mary Carmel Etienne
Read bios

Yoga Teachers
Monica Moya
Carolyn Merritt

Please check out all the details of the festival through the links at top right.

Early bird pricing has been extended through May 10 at midnight!

If you are interested in volunteering, thank you in advance. Please sign up here!

Look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia, May 24-27!

Yours truly,
Meredith Klein
Festival Director

Philadelphia Tango Festival

Announcing the Triumphant Return of Kiya's Delicias

Huge announcement! For the first time since 2017 (???), we’ll have Kiya Jamison’s exquisite cooking nourishing us throughout the festival.

The cafe will be open each day from Friday through Monday, 3-10 pm, allowing you to eat both lunch and dinner at the venue, if you like.

I think you’ll find that Kiya’s delicious and HEALTHY food will allow you to take twice as many workshops, dance twice as many tandas, and sleep half as many hours! Ha!

Check out the menu...
Philadelphia Tango Festival

Your Support

The festival cannot cover its expenses on ticket sales alone. Please consider donating to make this unique event possible.

Your donations through Fractured Atlas, our fiscal sponsor, are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.