Bochinche Records

Since 2017, the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School has been working to rebuild the love between tango social dancers and tango musicians. While the dance and music of tango grew up together, they parted ways in the late 1950s and beyond, with tango music gravitating toward the concert stage, and tango dancers cleaving to music recorded before 1956.

Philly has become known as one of the great places to hear live tango music in the U.S. And the Philadelphia Tango Festival has become renowned for presenting a variety of incredible bands and orchestras for both seated concerts and electrifying live music dancing experiences.

We took all of this a step further in 2023 with the launch of Bochinche Records (formally Tango Sounds from Philly). At the 2023 Philadelphia Tango Festival, we released our first album, Psicoporteño, by Típica Messiez:

We are very pleased to be working on our second album, by the Buenos Aires-based, world-renowned band, Sexteto Fantasma.

The album will be released at the 12th Philadelphia Tango Festival, and will be presented via livestream from Argentina on the festival’s first night.