The Triumphant Return of Kiya's Delicias

Visit Kiya's Cafe downstairs!!! Head through the Middle Hall and down the stairs...

We are so grateful to have Kiya’s HEALTHY, delicious, affordable food available once again for the Philadelphia Tango Festival. You’ll find that, with this menu, you can take twice as many workshops, dance twice as many tandas, and sleep half as many hours! Ha!

Cafe Hours

3-10 pm each day
Friday, May 24 to Monday, May 27


Veggie Buffet
•Roasted Cauliflower
•Roasted Beets
•Moroccan Carrots
•Seasonal Veggies

🥟La Porteña, Classic Argentinian style with Hand-Cut Beef, Capers, Sofrito, Roasted Peppers

🥟Champignons- Crimini and Shitake Mushrooms, Cream, Carmelized Onion, Thyme, White Wine, Lemon

🥟*Kale with Cheese, Bechamel, Swiss Cheese, Dill+Mint+Basil

🥟Criolla- Ground Beef, Sofrito, Carrots, Chiles, Tomato, Raisins, Spices

🥟La Porteña-(typical) Ground Beef, Sofrito, Carrots, Capers, Spices

🥟La Lorena*- “Ham and Cheese”
Cremini Mushrooms, Leeks, Cream, Swiss Cheese, Potatoes, Herbs- think quiche Lorraine

🥟*El Mexicano- Chicken, Sofrito, Poblano, Chili, Spices (maybe)


🧋Specialty Drinks
Jamaica Rose - Hibiscus, Rose, Lime, Mint
Tereré - Yerba Mate, Grapefruit Juice , Lime, Mint

Come downstairs for snacks inspired by Argentina: empanadas, and medialunas.
A vegetarian spread with seasonal, local, and organic produce.

Breathe easy and get good fresh vegetables at a tango festival.

Philadelphia Tango Festival


“Kiya” Rukiya Jamison is a chef, tanguera, author, lazy artist, and traveler.
She started making empanadas when friend Ko Tanaka wanted an easy to eat at a milonga solution.

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