Activities for Non-Dancers

Each year, we offer a full range of activities for people who don’t dance tango, or don’t dance yet. This year, because of the focus on tango poetry and lyrics, there are even more options for non-dancers. The following list is for those who are not interested in dancing, period. We also offer a wonderful beginner track, for anyone who would like to start dancing during the festival - no experience needed!


8-9:15 pm: LECTURE - “100 Years of Tango Song” - Matias Mauricio

9:30 pm-3 am: MILONGA with DJ Ayano Yoneda, including projections of lyrics in Spanish and English. Presentation of Sexteto Fantasma’s new album, produced by the Philadelphia Tango Festival, by livestream from Buenos Aires. Performance by Bruno & Rocio.


12-1:15 pm: WORKSHOP - “How Do You Write a Tango?” (#1 of 3) - Tango Lyric Composition Workshop - Matias Mauricio

1:30-2:45 pm: WORKSHOP FOR SINGERS - How to Sing Tango - This workshop is in preparation for the live music open mic practica - Juan Villarreal

4:30-5:45 pm: LECTURE - “Lunfardo: The Language of Argentines” - Matias Mauricio

8-9 pm: CONCERT - Romo-Agri-Messiez Trio, presenting their new album.

9:30 pm-4 am: MILONGA with DJ Felipe Martinez. LIVE MUSIC by the Tipica Messiez. Performance by Los Totis.


1:30-3 pm: WORKSHOP - How Do You Write A Tango? (#2 of 3) - Music Composition Workshop - Emiliano Messiez, Patricio Crom & Juan Villarreal. (Students with experience in music performance and music theory will be able to practice composing. Students without that background will be able to observe.)

8-9 pm: CONCERT - Vocal Recital by Juan Villarreal with Emiliano Messiez, Horacio Romo, and other guests.

9:30 pm-4 am: MILONGA with Gustavo Rember. Live Music by Tipica Messiez Tango Orchestra. Performance by Felipe & Ayano.


1:30-2:45 pm: WORKSHOP - “How Do You Write A Tango?” #3 of 3 - Combining the lyrics and music composition work in the 2 previous workshops to try to collectively write a tango, or a part thereof. - Emiliano Messiez, Matias Mauricio, Juan Villarreal, Patricio Crom

3-4:15 pm: LECTURE - Wisdom for a Life Well-Lived - “Think well before you take that step…" "Life is short, you need to live it…” Did you know that many tango talks about life lessons that we can all relate to? We’ll explore the wisdom that tango imparts in this fun talk. - Ayano Yoneda

8-9 pm: CONCERT - Juan Villarreal & Patricio Crom

9:30 pm-3 am: MILONGA with DJ Ignacio Ondartz and LIVE MUSIC by Juan & Pato, along with special guests.

Note: I included the milongas (social dances) in the list because they include amazing live music, as well as dance performances by the festival teachers. Please note that the live music and dance performances do not start until between 10 and 11 pm each night.