Festival Musicians

The festival presents LIVE MUSIC EVERY NIGHT, both seated concerts and extremely danceable live music for social dancing.

The festival also PRODUCES new music. This year, we are producing a new album by the Buenos Aires-based group, Sexteto Fantasma, which will play a live by livestream concert for dancing for one hour during the first milonga of the festival.

Philadelphia Tango Festival

Sexteto Fantasma

El Sexteto Fantasma is among the most important orchestras of the new wave of Argentine Tango. Established in the circuit of porteño and European milongas, they are often found playing at the historic La Viruta milonga, as well as at Salón Canning or the mythical Morán popular milonga. The Sexteto Fantasma is based on a particular sound that is provided by its formation. The inclusion of the trumpet (in homage to Canaro, the first to include this sound in a Tango formation) and the jazz guitar provide a unique touch. Their own compositions are recorded by different current groups and danced in countless milongas around the world. Their versions of classic milonguero songs burst onto the dance floor with freshness and a mischievous rhythm.

The orchestra was born in 2012 as part of the project to carry out a milonga, where they consolidated playing every Tuesday in the Almagro neighborhood, and they continue to maintain the milonga with live music after more than ten years.

They have released 3 albums:

  • La Ventanita de Arrabal 2014 (dedicated to the space where the orchestra was formed)

  • Fuego Bohemio 2018, their most representative work of all their own tangos, presented at the mythical Teatro 25 de Mayo in the City of Buenos Aires.

  • In 2019, they presented a classic tango album called Noches Milongueras throughout Europe, which contains versions of De Angelis, D’Arienzo, Troilo, Canaro, Tanturi, and a tribute to the union of Dizzy Gillespie with Osvaldo Fresedo.

The Philadelphia Tango Festival’s Bochinche Records is thrilled to produce the fourth album by Sexteto Fantasma, which will be released at the 2024 festival. Sexteto Fantasma will present the new album live by livestream from Buenos Aires, during the Friday, May 24 initial festival milonga.

Philadelphia Tango Festival

Típica Messiez Tango Orchestra

Típica Messiez is a 10-piece Tango Orchestra comprised of renowned tango musicians. Under the musical direction of its founder and pianist, Emiliano Messiez, Típica Messiez plays both original and classic tango arrangements.

The Típica Messiez launched at the Philadelphia Tango Festival in 2019 to a sold-out audience, and has since played at every festival. In 2023, the Philadelphia Tango Festival’s Bochinche Records produced the first album by Típica Messiez, Psicoporteño, which has been extremely well-received. Professional dancers worldwide have chosen to perform its music, since its release in June 2023.

We are thrilled to have the Típica Messiez return to the festival, performing on TWO nights for the first time!

Check out the video below of “De Vidrio,” a new tango by Emiliano Messiez, during the album recording in Buenos Aires in February 2023.

Philadelphia Tango Festival

Juan Villarreal & Patricio Crom

Juan and Patricio met on stage at the Milonga del Moran in 2010 in Buenos Aires.Patricio had come to play with his quintet “Malo Conocido” and Juan went to sing as a guest with Hernán “Cucuza” Castiello.

Shortly afterwards they met again at the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro and decided to meet with the excuse of rehearsing some tangos, especially the tango “Marión” with which Patricio was very enthusiastic.

From that meeting the Duo Villarreal Crom was born and they started a long journey performing in Festivals, Milongas and concert halls of Buenos Aires and different countries of South America and Europe, sharing stages with great musicians and dancers such as Chino Laborde & Dipi Kvitko, Osvaldo Peredo, Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera, Rodrigo Fonti & Majo Martirena, Hernán “Cucuza” Castiello and others.

Juan Villarreal and Patricio Crom released in 2012 their first album “De corte romántico” in which they include versions of some of the most romantic tangos and waltzes recorded by the great orchestras in the golden age.

In 2015 they released a second album called “Cinco Otoños” with milonguero classics and their own compositions.

In 2019 they presented "En la luna de Valencia", an album that was recorded in Valencia, Spain with guest artists such as Maestro Raúl Kiokio and the singers Nelson Scarlatto and Gavión.

In 2022, they presented “D’arienzo en guitarras,” an album dedicated to the King of Compás, Juan D’arienzo and with stellar guests such as the singer Pablo Ramos, son of Osvaldo Ramos (the last great singer of D’arienzo), Trio Malamado and the guitarist Guido Iacopetti.

The duo’s repertoire also includes several milonguero classics such as Danzarín, El Llorón, Te vas milonga, A la Guardia Nueva, Milonga de mis amores, Romance de barrio, Flor de Lino and other hits of Argentine Tango.

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Philadelphia Tango Festival

Romo-Agri-Messiez Trio

Horacio Romo (bandoneon), Pablo Agri (violin) and Emiliano Messiez (piano) are three of the leading tango musicians of their generation. Each of them has played around the world, as part of various ensembles and shows. They formed their trio in 2021 to play original tango arrangements, as well as new compositions. Their first public performance was at the Philadelphia Piazzolla Festival in July 2021. Multiple attendees commented that it was the best concert they had been to in their lives.

The Romo-Agri-Messiez released its first album, “Ahora,” in October 2022. Purchase it here.

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